December Happenings

December 1st notice

Please click on the above link for some of the exciting things happening this month!

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December Calendars


Special Helper December 2015

November Happenings!

Please click on the link below to see what’s happening in Division 11 for the month of November.  We will soon be starting our Home Reading and Special Helper programs.  For the Special Helper, they will be sharing a story or information with the class about a tradition in their family.  More information to come!


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Division 11 News

Division 11 Updates… sorry for the lengthy post!

  • It was so lovely to have the opportunity to talk to every family this week about their child’s progress and adjustment to our classroom. I think it was a record to have 100% attendance J I enjoyed meeting all of the new families and reconnecting with families from last year! We are having such a great time together in Division 11. I am glad to hear that your children are as happy as I am to have them in our class!
  • Our buddy class, Division 2 is doing a food drive to support the Richmond Food Bank. If you have any canned or non-perishable food items that you wish to donate, please send them to school by October 30th.
  • On Friday, October 30th we will be celebrating Halloween with some of the other primary classes. Children are welcome to bring costumes! Please, however, keep masks and toy weapons AT HOME as they are not permitted by the school. Because we have gym in the morning, please send your child’s costume with them to school in a bag and ensure that they know what all of the parts of their costumes look like! We will be changing into our costumes later on in the morning. Additionally, items like crowns, wands or wings sometimes get misplaced, forgotten, or damaged so please me mindful when sending them.
  • To make things easier for families, we have found that having 2 classes provide snacks/treats for the party provides enough food for everyone without creating waste.  I am hoping that Division 11 students can bring NUT-FREE food to share for this party and then the other classes will do the same for our winter party. There is a sign-up sheet on the classroom door to indicate what your child is able to bring. If you are unable to sign up in person, please feel free to email me at and I can pencil your name in! Some of the items we generally serve are: fruit, cheese, veggies, sweet treats like cookies or rice krispie squares or savoury treats like spring rolls, sushi, samosas, sandwiches, etc. Feel free to be as creative (or not!) as you like but do be aware that easy to serve portion controlled snacks are much appreciated!  It will be a really fun day and I know the children are getting excited for it already!
  • The home reading program will be starting soon! Please look for a notice coming home in early November.
  • Thank you so much to the families that have donated things to our classroom from our Wishing Tree, for birthdays, and from the Scholastic book orders. Your support is so very appreciated by the children and myself. Band-aids have been used and the Elephant and Piggie books that were gifted to us for A’s birthday are favourites already! If you would like to contribute something, please feel free to remove a post-it from an apple on the tree inside our classroom door. On each post-it is an item that would be wonderful to have at school.
  • I am constantly astounded at the beautiful healthy lunches and snacks that are prepared for Division 11 children. I think there are some gourmet chefs in the crowd! We will be starting to take our recess snacks outside on some days. If possible, it would be helpful if recess snacks could be placed in small reusable containers that are clearly labeled with your child’s name. We will be taking a basket outside with us for the children to put their containers in when they are finished. Or, even better, something like an apple, mandarin orange or banana that has it’s own wrapper to compost!
  • Beginning on Monday, the Richmond Area Counselling Team will be working with all classes in our school around the topics of Social Responsibility. Please ask your children about our WE SOAR behaviour matrix that we take pride in at Anderson. It focuses on (We not Me, Safety, Ownership, Attitude and Responsibility). Additionally, we will be talking extensively about the traffic light in terms of “Right Light” behaviours that are inappropriate and need to change, and “Green Light” behaviours that are expected and appropriate.  We are undertaking this mission as an entire school, and your support at home is appreciated.
  • We will be singing at the Remembrance Assembly in honour of Remembrance Day. If you are able to attend, please do! Be mindful that it is a serious occasion, that there is no clapping after a performance, that it can be a long assembly and that it is expected that guests not leave during a performance! Please respectfully turn off alarms and phones, and do not block the view of others with phones, ipads or while filming/photographing performances.
  • Hopefully I remembered everything!  It’s been one of those weeks… Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

Welcome to Division 11!

We’re off to a sensational start in Division 11!  Welcome to all new families, and welcome back to those that are returning 🙂  Please find attached our calendar for October.  Please make a note of the following pieces of information:

*There are students with nut allergies and compromised immune systems in our classroom.  Please ensure that all food products sent with your child for snack, lunch or classroom events are NUT-FREE.  Additionally, if your child is sick, please keep them home.  Please be advised that you will be called to come and collect your child promptly if they become unwell at school during the day.

*Grade 1 students should bring their agendas to school every day and they should be signed every night by an adult at home.  Grade 1 spelling words should be practiced at home and are reviewed on Fridays.  All children should be reading at home nightly for 10-20 minutes with / to an adult, or independently if able to do so.  Home Reading program for the Grade 1’s will be beginning towards the end of October.

*Soon, we will be taking our snacks out to the playground at recess time instead of eating in the classroom.  Please ensure that your child’s fruit/vegetable snack is portable!  I have been SO IMPRESSED with our litter-less classroom (and the janitor even commented to me on how empty our trash can is!) so hopefully this can continue.  In an effort to support reusable containers, we will be taking out a basket to store our empty snack containers in while the students play at recess time and then bringing it back in with us.  Please ensure that your child’s containers are labelled with their name so that they can be returned to your home safely!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I look forward to meeting with all parents during the Parent Teacher conferences at the end of the month – sign up sheet is on the classroom door!

Ms. Laura Daitz

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Please click on the link below to access a larger PDF version of the calendar!

October2015 schedule

June Updates

Please click on the links below to see what’s happening in June!  It is a very busy month, and last minute opportunities always seem to present themselves, so please check the whiteboard for any updates to our schedule!  Can you believe that summer is almost here?!

Tomorrow, June 5th is the Anderson Film Festival.  Our big buddy class has been working hard and made a fantastic film that they are screening for the school as a fundraiser for the Food Bank.  Students are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to donate in lieu of admission.  Thank you for your support!

There is a PAC meeting at 6pm on June 8th, and Scholastic Book Orders are due on Tuesday, June 9th.

We’re gearing up for grade 1!

Ms. Daitz


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May Calendars

Please find below both links to the May calendars as well as screen shots.  I know that the link wasn’t working for someone, so hopefully the photo will help!

Thank you to all of the mothers who have RSVP’d for our Mother’s Day Tea!  The children and I are very excited to have you.  Younger siblings are welcome if you are unable to make alternative childcare arrangements.  No food or entertainment will be provided for siblings and seating is very limited.  Please be respectful of all the mothers who are looking forward to a special experience with their Kindergartener!

Scholastic Book orders are due on Thursday, May 7th

MunchaLunch Day is on Wednesday, May 6th

May 2015 calendar Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 3.16.19 PM

May 2015 Special Helper Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.55.41 PM

April happenings!

Please find below the links to our special helper calendar for April and also our classroom happenings!

I have taken down the sign up sheet for parent teacher conferences in order to compile all of the information.  I will be putting an updated version back up the week before conferences.  If you have not yet signed up for a time, I will be sending home a conference sign up sheet to you this week.  Please return it as soon as possible!

We have had some shifting of our schedule.  Our lunch time is now later in the day, at 12:20pm.  Please ensure that your child has a substantial and healthy breakfast, and that they have a nutritious and filling snack at recess time.  There is a lot of tummy grumbling by the time lunch rolls around!!

If you have not yet returned your child’s inside shoes or report card envelope, please do that at your convenience.

Scholastic orders for April are due on Thursday April 9th.

april2015 special helper


March updates

march2015 preview

march2015 Special Helper

Please click on the above links for the March at a glance calendar and the special helper schedule for the month of March!

Wednesday is our 100th Day of Kindergarten! We will be celebrating with some special math stations that are all about 100.
The March volunteer schedule is on the classroom door. If you are able to help out, we really appreciate it!
Scholastic orders are due on Thursday, March 5th.
Friday, March 13th is the last day of school before Spring Break. As a courtesy, if you are going on a holiday that involves missing class time, please ensure that you notify me at least 2 weeks prior to your departure.